Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bloomsday Read-Along Announcement

Hi Everyone!

Lori at The Coffee Girl and I are co-hosting a readalong of James Joyce’s Ulysses in honor of Bloomsday (June 16).  This will be a super laid-back event because this work is difficult enough as it is.  No sign-ups.  No mandatory check-in posts.  No assigned reading.  Just have at it and know that other people are reading with you.

On May 1 over at Lori's blog, we will post an optional start-up questionnaire for those of you who want to answer it.  Or you can write a post saying that you’re reading along.  Either way, we’ll have a Mr. Linky so you can link to your post.  If you don’t have a blog, you can post your responses in the comments.  If you don’t feel like writing a post, you can just comment that you’re participating.  Or you can be totally off the grid.  Whatever works for you works for us.

After the start day, Lori and I will trade off posting that week’s optional discussion topic on Thursday and hosting the Mr. Linky.  Though we will be providing topics, you can write about anything you want if the topic doesn’t strike your fancy.  Or you don’t have to post anything.

On June 16, we will host a readathon in case you want to power through and finish the novel on Bloomsday.  There are a lot of traditions related to Bloomsday and a readathon of the novel is just one.  Just so you know, if you read three episodes a week, you can finish in time for Bloomsday.

You don’t have to devote June 16 to finishing the novel.  You can keep reading through June 30.  For the rest of June, we’ll continue posting vague, open discussion topics for those wishing to participate.

We hope you’ll join us on the adventure!

-- Emily and Lori

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  1. Best wishes - it's a hard slog towards the end (before Molly/Penelope) but certainly the most rewarding reading experience of my life.
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